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Giving k'pure Naturals for holiday presents or throughout the year? We've got you covered. Save with our bundles, or add a wrapped gift box for $4 more.

Holiday Gift Sets

Hydrate Hyaluronic Sheet Mask

Karen's Must-Haves

Lip Care

Clean Up Dead Sea Mud Masque 4oz


Smooth Organic Sugar Scrub for Hands & Body 8oz

Masques and Scrubs

Weekly face masques and hand or body scrubs are a great addition to your organic natural skincare routine. Not sure where to start? Try smooth for a full body exfoliation, or clean up to help you transition to natural deodorant.



New Arrivals

A collection featuring our newest k'pure Naturals products, scents, or pack sizes.

Refill Options

Part of our commitment to minimizing packaging includes refill sizes on some of our best-selling products. If you need to replace a pump at any point, drop a note in the cart when you order.

Room Sprays


Smooth Organic Sugar Scrub for Hands & Body 8oz



We formulate natural serums to protect, treat, and nourish your skin. Use our serums as part of your minimal step skincare routines, or alone to target specific challenges.


Hydrate Hyaluronic Sheet Mask

Sheet Masks


Looking for natural and organic body products like lotion, moisturizers, scrubs, salves, balms, hand soaps, and more? Yeah, we were too. Our collection offers natural alternatives and soothing relief from skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and dry skin. Locking in moisture without heavy products is our specialty. Welcome to our body collection.
Sleepy Time Foaming Baby & Face Wash 210 ml


Restorative and preventative, that's the goal here right? Natural, organic skin care products for your face are something you want to trust, and know works. Our essential oil sprays serve as toners, our serums go on light and offer different benefits, and our moisturizers protect and rejuvenate your skin. Your search ends here.


Natural products to use in your home help support healthy air and reduce the amount of allergens you and your family are exposed to. Maybe your house plant collection is borderline tropical jungle, but it can't do all the work. Clean soaps, essential oils for your diffusers, and room and linen sprays bring aromatherapy benefits too, and your monstera, pretty as it is, can't do that.