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How to Get the Most Out of Your k’pure Products

How to Get the Most Out of Your k’pure Products

We pour a lot of care and thought into our products — and we think about more than just skincare when we do. Considering the impact of our products on both your busy lifestyle and the environment, we strive for versatility. Our goal is to simplify your routine while nourishing your skin from head to toe — so we design our products to do the most.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of our favourite multi-use products at k’pure and the many ways you can use them.

Drenched | Whipped Face & Body Butter

Moisture that goes beyond your beautiful face! Meet Drenched, your daily hydrator that works wonders for both face and body. Whether used solo or as part of your complete facial routine, this hard-working moisturizer comes in a variety of luxurious scents, including extra-rich vanilla, lavender/citrus, orange/patchouli, coconut lime, almond cookie, and unscented.

Overachiever & Super Overachiever | Balms

Our organic Overachiever body balm truly lives up to its name, as it does it all. From soothing patches of eczema and smoothing dry elbows to hydrating cuticles and feet, this unscented balm is a multitasking marvel. It's even gentle enough for use as a baby bum balm or nipple cream.

And if you thought that was impressive, meet Super Overachiever. This balm is a powerhouse for cuts, scrapes, minor scars, burns, stings, and more, offering a natural alternative to toxic petroleum-based products.

Fix It | Body Repair Balm

Similar to our overachievers, Fix It is a super-concentrated body repair balm made with all-natural and organic ingredients. It works great on hands, heels, tattoos, and growing bellies, and with no essential oils, is safe enough for newborn babies too! Plus we made it in both a 30ml and a new 60ml tube with flip top lid, perfect for easy access in diaper bags, glove boxes, and purses.

Sweet Serum | Luxurious Skin Serum

This Sweet Serum is a concentrated blend of luxe oils that work together to combat dryness, tightness, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Its refreshing rich and earthy scent is as soothing as it feels on your skin. We love this serum for growing bellies, old and new scars, stretch marks, and as a super-luxe facial oil.

Clean Up | Dead Sea Mud Masque

Our Clean Up was originally formulated as an armpit detox masque, but it can be used for so much more. The concentrated formula detoxes pores on your armpits, face, and entire body. It also works to smooth out an uneven skin tone, unclog pores, tackle blackheads, and aid in hormonal imbalances and acne.

Get Closer | All Natural Deodorant

Looking for the all-natural deodorant of your dreams? Well, we saved the best for last, because not only is Get Closer our best-seller, but it lives up to the hype. This light-as-air whipped mousse is moisturizing, deodorizing, and absorbs wetness. Yes, you're going to apply it with your fingers and touch your armpits. You're also going to waste less, use less, and enjoy the natural benefits and protection.

The best part? Get Closer’s uplifting neutral scents also work great to prevent smelly feet. Apply the mousse to the bottoms of clean dry feet, or anywhere else you sweat.

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