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Basic Four Step | Skincare Package

$82.00 $85.00
Keep Going
Settle Down
Time Out
Chill Out
Good Morning
Sweet Serum
Lighten Up
Almond Cookie

Choose from 100% organic unscented Washed Up or lavender Sleepy Time Cleanser. 

(Sleepy Time is the default cleanser. Please leave a note in comments to sub Washed Up)

Choose your favourite toner. Settle Down and Chill Out are great for night time, Keep Going and Good Morning are refreshing morning toners. 
Select a serum. Sweet Serum works great for wrinkles, scars, age spots and for deep hydration, even on oily skin types. Sweet Serum contains no essential oils, and has a deep, earthy scent from the unrefined Tamanu Oil, the star ingredient. Sweet Serum is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Lighten Up is made with 100% organic ingredients and works to brighten skin tone, soften fine lines, lighten dark spots and to give skin a healthy glow.  
Lavender/Citrus Drenched great for sensitive skin and oily complexions.  Patchouli/Orange is best known for it's cell-rejuvenating properties, making it great for anti-aging and lessening the look of scars and marks on the skin. 

Our Vanilla Drenched contains a phthalate-free fragrance oil, instead of essential oils, so choose this when looking for our most popular scent and for deep hydration.  

Foaming cleanser: 210ml 
Toner: 100ml
Sweet Serum 2oz 
Lighten Up serum 1oz 
Drenched 125ml