Jade Facial Roller

K'pure Naturals


If you haven’t tried face massage yet, you are truly missing out on the benefits of a jade roller! 

Twice daily face massage with a jade roller will:  

* reduce puffiness 

* improve circulation 

* eliminate toxins 

* improve absorption of serums 

* improve skin elasticity 

* promote lymphatic drainage

The crystal jade helps ease anxiety and wards off negative energy, so if crystals are your thing, spend extra time with your roller as part of your morning and evening ritual. Even if you’re not a wholehearted believer of crystals, it’s always beneficial to see your skincare routine as a self-care ritual, rather than a tedious chore.

To use: for best results, keep your roller in the fridge.  Jade is naturally cold, and keeping it in the fridge will enhance the cooling benefits.  After applying serums, roll in an upward, gentle motion. Go over each area three times, using the large roller, then switch to the small roller for under eye area.  The jade roller will help minimize blemishes when used to gently roll over the affected area, rather than picking with fingers. 

See our Instagram Story Highlights for a full tutorial.