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Everything You Need to Know About Hyaluronic Acid

Everything You Need to Know About Hyaluronic Acid

If you’re reading this post, you’ve likely heard of this superstar ingredient before! It’s popular in the skincare world for a reason. Hyaluronic Acid is like a secret weapon for healthy, glowing skin. While you may have heard its name before, there's more to this skincare star than meets the eye. In this guide, we're delving deep into everything you need to know about this superstar skincare ingredient, from the science behind its success to seamlessly integrating it into your skincare routine.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Let’s start out with the ‘why’ behind this ingredient's recent stardom.

#1. Deep Hydration

Hyaluronic acid is commonly used in hydrating skin care products as it both attracts and retains water. When you’re skin is hydrated, it’s also plump, supple, and free of flakiness and irritation.

#2. Enhanced Elasticity

Intentionally used to promote skin firmness, hyaluronic acid promotes your body to make more collagen, which in return, increases the elasticity and smoothness of skin.

#3. Gentle on All Skin Types

Probably the biggest benefit of all is that it’s friendly for all skin types! If you have oily, or acne-prone skin, you can still benefit from the hydration that hyaluronic acid offers, among its other skin-health benefits.


Why Hyaluronic Acid is Used in Skin Care

Not only is hyaluronic acid proven to increase skin’s health, but it’s also a natural component of your skin. So for those who are looking for a chemical-free, natural solution for improving your skin’s hydration, look no further.

When we say hyaluronic acid is hydrating, we mean that it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. So, a little really can go a long way. With the increasing demand for non-invasive skin care alternatives, it’s safe to say this reliable ingredient will keep making an appearance in your favourite products.

How to Integrate Hyaluronic Acid into Your Routine

Now that we know all about the benefits of hyaluronic acid, and why it’s become so popular, we can dive into how to use it.

#1 Hyaluronic Acid in Serum

Hyaluronic acid serum can be used in your morning and nightly skin-care routine (or, ideally both). Applied on clean skin after cleansing, and then followed up with a moisturizer and of course your SPF. Our Total Package serum has both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, making it the great first step for a well-rounded skincare routine.

#2 Hyaluronic Acid in SPF

Since you’re using SPF on a daily basis (right?), what better way to integrate hyaluronic acid into your routine, than with a product you’re already using? Our Smarten Up SPF is a mineral sunscreen that you can use to protect your skin from the sun, while also enjoying its hydrating and soothing benefits.

#3 Hyaluronic Acid in Self-Care

If self-care is part of your skincare regimen, and you’re feeling like you could use an extra boost in hydration, our Hyaluronic Sheet Mask was made for just that. This biodegradable sheet mask is infused with a super-hydrating serum containing both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Now there you go! Everything you need to know to successfully put this do-it-all product to work. Happy hydrating!

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  • Feb 14, 2024

    good morning, I love all the k Pure products that i use morning are so easy with the skin care products I love the hyalurnic products and will check out the masks, me . In the morning when I spray the GOOD MORNING on it wakes my face up and makes feel great. I love what the products do to help my senior skin.

    — Dorothy M Gore, I

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